Hello, my name is Kate. Allow me to thank you for your interest in my services...
My progenitor transmitted to me provisions in the access to the press on Internet and my fields of predilection are:

  • French General Press
  • Regional
  • international
  • Scientist
  • Policy
  • Government website
  • Syrian
  • First, select the input mode ("T" = Text, "V" = Voice); if "text", a zone for entering questions and an "Enter" button to validate appear. Then, choose your language in the menu "Please, choose your language"

    if you want to do translations, choose your language "and for translation"...

    (These 2 languages ​​can be changed at any time...)

    Then, I can erase myself in front of my "ChatGPT" master if you activate it...

    For a list of journals and actions, request the index'.

  • You can request a newspaper by its name ("le monde", "l'express", etc...).

  • I also have:

  • access to some personal songs... by "songs"
  • to Google search by "search 'blablabla'",
  • You can try to connect directly to a site by "connecting to the world.fr", says as it is...
  • "Book a train from Montpellier to Paris" will connect you to the SNCF reservations page for this journey...
  • to the map display and search for itineraries by "map".
  • it will then be possible, by clicking on the place of departure, then on the place of arrival (by car, bike, or on foot) to see the itinerary drawn up as well as the instructions for getting there.
  • to the Meteo of the place by "meteo" (after having chosen the "day for weather")
  • and, a simple "info" will take you to the France 3 site for your region.
  • You can also access my favorite radio stations by "radio" (the radio stations page opens...) or by "radio france culture" for direct access to France culture!

  • To close a page, "close" or "close" will be enough for me and if you leave, a "goodbye" will be appreciated...

  • For lovers of astrological forecasts, say "the Gemini horoscope"...

  • If you tell me "read me a book", you will access a science fiction work by Pauline Pucciano...

  • I can translate a spoken word "translate word" into English (which Bob will happily pronounce for you)

  • You can also translate expressions "translate expressions" (say "Lea" to get out...)

  • A scientific calculator (in reverse Polish notation) is accessible through "Calculator".

  • The principle is:

  • say the 1st number (where to enter it) then "Enter"

  • say the 2nd number (or enter it) then click on the desired operation...

  • I am also equipped with a basic voice calculator that you start with "Calculate".
  • Next, pronounce your operations naturally like this:
  • "12.35+34.6" (twelve point thirty five plus thirty four point six)
  • The result (46.95) will be displayed in the alert area.
  • For the following operations, it will suffice to say "+24.56", "-23.4","*3","/4" (plus,minus,multiply by,divide by)
  • To see the final result, "result" will show it to you and Lea will speak it to you!
  • basic memory management functions are also available:
  • "memory" (memorize the current result)
  • "memory recall" (put in the result the contents of the memory)
  • "memory recall plus" (the result is equal to the sum of the result and the memory)
  • "recall minus memory" (result is the contents of memory minus the result)
  • Finally, "clear memory" will reset the memory, "zero" will reset the calculator and "stop" will stop it.

  • For you who like to sing, you can try my "Karaoke" by asking for a singer by:
  • "karaoke calogero" or "karaoke johnny hallyday" etc...
  • a simple "karaoke" will show you the list of available singers.
  • it's not a real karaoke but you will have the lyrics and the music in the background...

  • An emergency mode is also available which allows to send an sos by "sos".
    This mode works as follows:
    1- Create a password (secure, personal and unique) by "create password"
    The format is:
    At least,
    - a capital letter
    - a lowercase letter
    - a special character
    - a number
    With this password, two email addresses will be entered:
    - yours
    - that of the recipient when activating an "SOS".
    2- "Lea", whatever its mode of operation (Pc, android smartphone), will react to the word sos by:
    - Geolocating the place
    - Sending by email of the date, time and gps coordinates of the event, to the address of the recipient of "sos".
    - Will show the map of the call location...
    3- On receipt of the email, the recipient will be able to:
    - Copy gps coordinates (long press on text and "copy")
    - Launch the "Lea" "gps" application and "paste" the coordinates to it (long press on the input area), allowing the display of the map of the place where the SOS was issued.
  • Note: The "gps" tool allows you to activate the tracking of your movements by specifying the distance (in km) of the path taken before changing the plan (and displaying the GPS coordinates of the place )
  • Here, be 'free' in your sentences... I'll make an effort to understand you...
  • To contact me, "contact" or "email" will do...

  • Well, I'm waiting for you on the other side...
    Ah! one last thing: people have told me that during very long periods of silence, I sometimes fall asleep but, don't worry...